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Product Lines Collections



_Turf_Tile_ product line is basic protection. The set up allows for equipment... 



_Turf_Shield_ is the most comprehensive protection. Using all three types of RGT's _Turf_Shields_.... 

  • Pedestrian_Turf_Shield_

    Designed for people traffic. Like under tents, beaches, seating areas and walkways especially when high pedestrian traffic is expected. This product is for lighter traffic on grass. Also, check out color options for patios/tent events on gravel areas.

  • Flat-back_Turf_Shield_

    Designed to help protect sensitive area from equipment traffic.* Like commercial site access roadways and constructions sites. When equipment is required to get the job done!

  • LED_Turf_Shield_

    Designed for turf protection and entertainment.* Now with 16 million colors lighting options and high frame rates. Cross tile communication allows for expansive video displays to thrill the audience as they walk on them or view them from above. LED_Turf_Shield_ is capable of producing enough photosynthetic light to keep the natural cycles continuing.